A product designed and built exclusively for you?
that is the strength of LINIENTREU

When you open a hotel, a new office, retail store or day care center, you feel the desire for individual furniture and accessories, which are unique and specially designed and built for you or the premises.

Products that reflect the company’s image, philosophy or values. An example would be the nightstands or shelves in a hotel with a strong focus on design.

Also custom-made commissioned works for storage and presentation of your products as accessories, from all sectors of trade and industry.

The path to customization is usually of long duration with many stations: Interior designer, product designer, raw material supplier, production plant… this takes a lot of time and generates high costs.

What is special about LINIENTREU? We offer everything from a single source.
From design and concept adapted to your needs, to rapid development, prototyping and manufacturing, whether one-off or series.

We are flexible and very fast. About the excellent aesthetics and quality, our own award-winning products speak for themselves.

The advantages are enormous. We offer this process within a few weeks, 100% from regional production.